We are going to Kitesafari in the Red Sea one more time, join!

Safe! Effective! Beautiful!

Ideal spots for mastering of basics or improving current skills. Attentive and technical world class instructors and trainers.

We are inviting you to Egypt on a 5 star premium class yacht to spend wonderful week.

Place: Egypt, Hurghada

Price: 1200 euro*


-week from 9 till 16 November

*Provided price includes 1 week of trip.


Brief description of our floating multi stored home for a week.

Yacht "Captain Sparrow", length 44м, beam 9м.

14 cabins (12 standard and 2 suits).

In each cabin: bath, TV, minibar, door with electronic lock.

In common use: 2 closed crew-cabins, dinner hall, open crew-cabin with sundeck.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, massage armchairs at your full service!

Inflatable constructions for water entertainment (7m yacht slide, sea pool, trampoline, water ball, banana). Maybe even fly jet board - under negotiation!

Service: three meals a day, hot and cold drinks 24 hour a day, WiFi, cabin cleaning, the freshest fruits!

Rigid inflatable boats at your service for rescue and Wakeboarding during no-wind hours.

Entertainment during evenings: "flights review" with professional trainer, board games and etc.

Snorkeling, sea, coral fishy, sun and very good mood!

Best kites and boards of the worldwide manufacturers for tests and renting! We always experimenting and prepare exclusive things!

Booking and schedule

Check-in to the yacht is on the first day of the trip from 17:00 (if you want to come to the yacht earlier - please let us know)

Check-out from yacht is on the last day of the trip around 10:00 (morning).

Departure: as far as all the guest are onboard we departure from marina (if all the guests will be onboard on the first day of trip before sunset - we departure immediately, otherwise next day morning)

Arrival: we come back to marina in the evening of second last day of the trip or in the morning of the last day.


Cabin is reserved for the guest only after getting deposit prepayment not less than 33% of the full price.

Payment of the rest sum must be done after your arrival to the yacht during accommodation to the cabin.

*Optional. You can pay full price during reservation to easy the calculations

Attention!! As a rule deposit sum is not refundable if you refuse to come on the reserved dates. On the other hand we always try to meet your expectations and do our best to solve questions like this positively in an individual way. There is always a possibility to "transfer" your yacht reservation to the other person upon confirmation with the safari organizer.

Equipment rental and lessons

Rental equipment from world class manufacturers (Ozone, Slingshot, RRD, Core and etc).

Rental price for the whole trip:

- full set (kite, harness, board) 350 euro

- kite only 70% from full set price

- board only 40% from full set price

Day rental price:

- full set (kite, harness, board) 70 euro

- kite only 70% from full set price

- board only 40% from full set price

1 hour rental price:

- full set (kite, harness, board) 40 euro

- kite only 70% from full set price

- board only 40% from full set price

Equipment insurance is NOT provided! Repair price is paid according to the damage repair cost.

Price for 1 hour lesson with one of the instructors: 50 euro.


Here are frequently asked questions about Kitesafari.

What should I take on board with me?

You should take with you at least:

- long sleeve rash guard, board shorts, wet suits are recommended for November (we will provide wet suit upon request).

- sun protection head wear

- sun protection creams and etc.

- wet boots are recommended

- personal first aid with special rare medicine you need (we provide general first aid)

- alcohol from Duty Free if you want some :)

What is Kitesafari?

Kitesafari is multi-day trip over the most beautiful areas of the Red Sea islands in our company. 5 star yacht - is the quality level of the best hotels. Kitesurfing from dusk till dawn on flat water with laminar consistent wind under over watch of the most experienced trainers. Waist deep lagoons are perfect for getting Kitesurfing experience and relaxing from big city life.

I do not know what is Kitesurfing, can I go?

Sure! We have the best conditions for learning: lagoons, waist deep turquoise water, no waves, experienced trainer is always nearby. Even if you want to go for the trip "to accompany someone" and not to Kitesurf, you will be filled with positive emotions! Insane beautiful pictures will be pulling you back for a long time after the trip!

Is it true that: sea, waves, dusting makes you sick and what if someone wants to go back to the shore?

NOT true =) Yacht is mooring on the downwind side of the islands on the flat water. Very light dusting is available during a few hours of being on the raid to "catch the wind". Shore is always at the line of sight. No need to remind that all the yachts are equipped with safety rescue vessels and other safety equipment according to the international safety standards.

With unknown people on the boat in the sea, one week, are you nuts?

Everybody got this question when going for the first time. No negative emotions, common occupation makes people closer, on the other hand there is plenty of space on the yacht to find some quite place so nobody will disturb you.

Communication with the "mainland"?

Internet is fully provided free of charge. But on the furthest (and most beautiful) islands the network is absent sometimes, so we not recommend to take some business with you which require your immediate presence.

I landed at the airport. How to get on board?

During the day of the Kitesafari start there is a free transfer from airport to the yacht. During the last day of Kitesafari also free transfer from yacht to airport is provided. You will be met at the airport exit (we can meet you even before passport control in case you need it) and provide comfortable shuttle bus to bring you to the yacht pier. To provide such a transfer you need to infirm us about your flight numbers info.

If you have not found answers on your questions - do not hesitate to ask us in a message!


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